Latest ABOUTS(01/07/08)

I just noticed that the text and links and website is years out of date.

With this in mind here is a new 'About this Site':

This site contains work that is about causes of contemporary eco-systemic crises (Capital/Profit) rather than work that documents effects (shopping : corporate abuses : war )
This is because it is more interesting to think and work with where the agency for change lies rather than the sentiment.
The only page on this website that is worked on now is the front page All the other pages treat as purely archive for historical interest
to get in touch use this email address not any other: stuffit no spam don't want any / at /

Thanks to the lovely Cube Microplex Cinema for hosting the site


about this siteThis site contains all the stickers/stencils/posters and flyers that have been done over the last few years. Some I still agree with, some i've changed my mind on, i.e 'Fight Globalisation!' is a sentiment which doesn't make any sense - Globalisation is an empty term which means different things to different people. To some it means the fantastic and postive benefits of cultural exchange and global connectivity like the internet. To others its the removal of indigineous industries and the growth of multinational supa-brands in our high streets.
It's easier for people to design their own media, due to cheaper computers, but the flip side of this is that Street level media is increasingly being co-opted by savvy marketers . Public space is ours, so the more non commercial messages the better - its better than banging your head against a brick wall.

Sites of Interest - The MUTI corporation is the world's leading Truth Manufacture Organisation, specialising in cultural homeopathy - Current media darling. Brilliant work - Bristol based site, with good gallery - Canadian Media Foundation that does loads of anti-adverts - Good community site with lively bulletin boards and lots of info - massive database of articles about everything, ever. - Massive collection of spot on stencils from the USA and europe. Follow the links on the left to view the images. - Northern Arts Tactical Offensive.A fine bunch of trouble makers who 'are dedicated to the production of spontaneous, independent and conscious public art.' - this is a real goodie. "A living archive of public trouble making, street art, unsanctioned creativity and the urban space remix." - Brilliant corporate parody site - Time to save your soul, heathen! - Web projects and subverts that 'pushes the boundaries between the corporate realms of business, art and engineering' - the Redundant Technology Initiative recycle low and no cost computers, and install the Linux O/S and open source software to prevent waste and to enable creativity - free websites than can be edited through your browser

Anyway, please download and print whatever you want, and email for any more information.