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ecology: class

Debt is Violence - 02 (13/07/09)

Adding more to the new 'Debt-art' genre, intended to become screenprinted posters and t-shirts. Inspired by Werner Bonefeld writing in Shift Magazine #5
See big pdf

ecology: class

Debt is Violence - 01 (13/07/09)

Adding to the new 'Debt-art' genre, intended to become screenprinted posters and t-shirts. Inspired by David Graebers article 'Debt: The first 5 thousand years'
See big pdf

ecology: class

All thats solid melts into air (02/07/09)

Piece of paste-up reworking earlier images of circulating commodities and collapsing currencies. Reference to above Mars quote that concerns '.. the fact that capitalism by its nature is constantly expanding and therefore needs to constantly revolutionize itself in order to create new markets, leaving nothing solid or permanent in its wake, both destroying and conjuring into existence everything from cities to human populations along the way. They were also speaking of the way that capitalism reduces everything to the shadowy abstraction known as money. Both of these processes have accelerated and transformed themselves in the twentieth century.'
View the big one

ecology: class

We Won't Pay for their Crisis (18/06/09)

Piece of paste-up based on the idea of THE RENT-A-MOB being available for solidarity actions. It features victorian ladies and gentlemen - a victorian response to victorian conditions.
See on Bristol Street Art website

ecology: class

A-Z No Borders (18/05/09)

DTP-d this guide to 'why No Borders' collectively created by the UK No borders Network. HISTORY-IDEAS-CAMPAIGNS-ORGANISATIONS-PHILOSOPHY.
Download and read here

ecology: class

Occupation: Occupation: Occupation (13/05/09)

Films and dicussion on the wave of school and workplace occupations that swept / sweep the UK
More info here

ecology: class

Can't Pay : Won't Pay (23/04/09)

Film and dicussion on the Poll tax riots and how the movement building that preceded it relates to the recession with Danny Burns and East Bristol Debtors Alliance
More info here

ecology: class

Ecology : Class (18/11/08)

A new part of this website compiling all the works to do with the crossovers between issues of ecology and issues of class. Features new texts like 'Social Ecology of Carbon', 'Nettle Beer: Or how to brew a different social relationship based on commoning rather than alienation', videos ,surveys, stickers and other bits and pieces
It's all here

50 percent off everything everywhere everyone

50% off everything, everywhere, everyone - Prepare to take back what you're owed (01/10/08)

An intervention to coincide with the opening of Carboot Circus, what appears to be the 'bullring-ification' of Bristol. Produced vouchers encouraging 'more' via the practice of collective price reduction, to compliment the zombie walk encouraging 'less'. Read article here
Download: Voucher

hydrocarbon commons

The Hydrocarbon Commons (18/07/08)

A proposal to create a Hydrocarbon Commons.It is designed to be read in an poetic voice, like a proclamation, and is influenced by by 'Warren James' the Freeminer who distributed handbills when struggling against enclosure in the Forest of Dean in 1831. The text starts by asking 'Is the soul of Profit located in coal? or can it be found in the private interests of Capital, for it wants to grow and grow, making money for its owners..' Download: 2X posters A3 PDF

commodity coal

Is it possible to shutdown a social relationship? (14/07/08)

Next poster in the 'social relationship' series. Looking at the possiblities for the expansion of climate change campaigns 'against coal' into 'against commodity production'. Inspired by the Petroleum Commons and Just Transition, and online debates between red and green. The red colour symbolises the enemy (CO2, the police) with the twist being that the policeman in the poster is actually a miner, taken from the classic photo during the 84 strike. The idea is that by linking things together we won't make enemies of workers and substances and can then target systems and economies (social relationships).
Download: Medium size poster | hi-res A3 poster

gentrification lament

Gentrification Lament (25/06/08)

A love letter to flypost/send to your yuppie love (I'm sorry it had to be this way - don't take it personally.It's just that we're too different to be together), whilst getting to Know your Developing City.
PDF poster

this system causes crime

How the "Average Wage" Hide the True Nature of this System and How it Causes Crime - What the ***K is Going On? (20/06/08)

A project investigating the 'average wage'. Inspired by Pen's Parade, a dutch economists portrayal of income inequality + the incredible statistics that the UK today income is more polarised between rich and poor than in 70's. Read all about this project and download an A6 pamphlet.
Some people ask "What happens to the soul of man under neoliberalism?" and others ask why there was a spate of attacks on our local cyclepath in bristol. Cyclepath poster


Commoned Frames (25/05/08)

Custom built frames made with wood 'commoned' from Ashton Court 2008. The collecting of wood or 'estovers' is a practice referred to in the 1217 Forest Charter, a document long forgotten that described the economic rights of people to subsistence from the commons. These customs are attacked, destroying ecologies to impose work and make a profit, a process called the Enclosures. The process continues today..
Read label here

rocky road

Rocky Road to a Real Transition (15/05/08)

Designed and layed out the TRAPESE pamphlet about what Transition Towns means for social change.It's got some interesting critical /postive text and a load of full page illustrations and has started some debates
Read more here

carbon weevils retort

Carbon Weevils retort (17/05/08)

I was forward a link to a short cartoon about climate change called 'Carbon Weevils'. I wanted to ask the question is it 'misanthropic' in the way it lumps all 'human' consumptive activity together (as opposed to systems/capital) as being 'the cause' of global warming, the way it appears to suggest the main causes of climate change being population growth, car traffic and holidays. It also novelly posits war as being an outcome of 'hot air' and also as yet another excuse for humans to release CO2.I graffitti subtitled it (using FLOSS Kdenlive) and put it on youtube with the original
View Carbon Weevils retort (graffiti start at 1:24)

make banks pay

Mortgage Strike! (01/05/08)

Imaginary financial revenge event inspired by thoughts of neo-liberal enclosure and eviction documented at Bristol Radical History Groups's 'Tear Down the Fences: Struggle for the Global Commons'
Read more here and download hi-res A3 poster


What is the sound of the war on the poor? (01/05/08)

Submission for Ultra-Red project, brief was to make 1 minute audio piece on the above title. I chose the Severnside Siren over at the heavy industry docks of Avonmouth and the M32 splinter between Easton and St Werburghs in Bristol
See text and hear audio here


Green Stinger Cycopath nettle brew(01/05/08)

Nettle brew made in honour of a green and red Mayday, commoned from the Cyclepath in Bristol. 200 nettles,Boil for 1 hour in 5 gallons water. Put in 3kg sugar, 100g cream of tartar.Stir. When lukewarm put in 10 tsp yeast, transfer in big bucket for 4 days, somewhere not cold then into brew barrel for week then bottle and drink couple days later.

25 avril

Celebration of the Day of Liberty (12/03/08)

Poster and flyers designed promoting the April 25th Portuguese revolution for migrant union group in Bridgwater
Read more here

complain against adverts that mislead

Camplain! (11/02/08)

There are some wierd adverts about at the moment. This one for IcelandAir for cheap flights using renewable energies as a signifier, and this one for chainstore Peacocks using proto-Diesel shock-lethargic-irony about eco-systemic collapse.
In light of this have generated some 'Complain!' stickers to truth the adverts with. Fake Example here - "This advert is guilty of Greenwash", with a link to where you can complain about the advert. Please send "guilty!" suggestions to stuffit no spam etc blah at will put stickers online. Suggestions so far: Fear,Willies,Desire,Anorexia,Sterotypes,Racism,Bodymass,Impotence,Panic Attacks,Cynicism,Hate of Self,Alienation.
Or make your own here using online generator

trust in capital

Gas-tric Trading (07/01/08)

The Carbon Trust looks like a good initiative to help industry reduce its carbon emissions. One of its board members was with Shell oil for 15 years. Part of North Sea oil corporations that been burning gas, 6 million tonnes of CO2 per year - for years - into the atmosphere, as a waste product whilst drilling for oil. They are now campaigning for these emissions to be included in UK Gov Co2 targets, so they can then reduce the amount and then get paid for it through offsetting markets. Luckily Walkers crisps are also working with the Carbon trust, and currently each packet of crisps results in 107g of Carbon dioxide emissions. 6 million tonnes of CO2 is equivalent to 56074766355 bags of crisps.
Download correction labels - single here (jpg) and A4 pack (PDF) | View in action: here and here

you can't offset a social relationship

You can't offset a Social Relationship (05/12/07)

Inspired by 'You can't blow up a social relationship' a pamphlet that talked about how any social change should revolve around direct democracy and everyday life, rather than trying to blow up something 'outside'. Similar,then, to relying on the market to solve climate change. This is Number 1 in series of 10 posters.
Download A3 poster here (PDF - 5MB) and here (300 dpi jpg - 5MB)

Carbon conundrums

Carbon-ated (15/10/07)

Inspired by 'It's Not Easy Being Green' Mute magazines climate change issue, some street carbon awareness boards looking at the inherent contradictions when the terms of the debate are co-opted by Capital.
See pics and documentation here

Petrolio Bolivia

Bolivian Stencil. (15/07/07)

A stencil about petroleum protests in Bolivia. Original image from "Impasse in Bolivia" by Benjamin Kohl and Linda C. Farthing.Text reads "Sons of b..... Petroleras" (slang for petroleum owners).
Coming soon - interviews with La Paz based "Mujeres Creando".
View stencil big here

Argentina sin alambres and Peak oil books

Books innit. (15/03/07)

There are two books available, either to buy as nice printed versions, or as free PDF downloads. One is about Peak Oil and the other is about the new enclosures in Argentina. One was made in Bristol last year and the other was made while travelling in South America.
Read more and/or buy

Peak Oil

Peak Oil Olympics (03/07/06)

Peak Oil Olympics has happened. It was 1 Day and 1 Night of games and challenges investigating supply lines in a Peak Oil world.
In the urban wilds of bristol we played and collectively located : Food :Water : Shelter: Communication: Heat
Documentation and further info

Peak Oil

Feeling a bit Peaky? (22/05/06)

Peak oil is starting to gain currency, the basic idea being that the oil supply is reaching the peak of production, exactly when is open to question, but the concensus amongst many is 'soon'. Once the peak is reached, that be the end of cheap oil. Which means more than the end of bargain flights. Everyday life will be out of stock. Don't Panic?

mapping terror and war

Mapping terror and war(15/07/05)

The report from the World tribunal on the total and utter chaos in Iraq, the civilian casulaties, and the terror caused by the 'coalition' seemed to pass the mainstream media by. Meanwhile everyday civilians from Falluja to London feel the effects of these fundamentalists.Out with them all! Check out the map of terror and war

g8 myths

G8 myths(4/07/05)

The G8 attempted to co-opt rebellion and dissent this year due to seemingly placing africa and climate change on the agenda. This of course meant no real change and business as usual, so a set of the 8 common myths about the G8 were created, cvoering health, housing, climate change, africa and moreCheck out the myths (large image alert)

diy biotech

Innit and Things(15/07/04) has taken a back seat for a while, but heres a general 'what's been happening and random old designs page' of recent (ish) activities. Include urban detours, DIY biotech, and celebrity gubbins. COming soon - Feral Food CorpTM Check it out

self_ridge icon


Barbara Kruger creates *art* using the techniques of advertising. The new Self-Ridges campaing appears to be advertising using *art* in a highly sophisticated double bluff oh so ironic campaign Stuffit up tha Self-Ridges :-)

spytv tag


Create your own TV channel our arse. More like pay good money to contribute to a database that marketers would *kill* to get their hands on. We reckon you should do something less boring instead.

beckhum tag

Celebrity bill-boreds (13/10/03)

As part of Collective Manouvers , the Bristol Urban Olympics we noticed a challenge to modify a billboard /RE-Publification of Private space. First up: Beckhum

brummie DIY media!

Brummie DIY indymedia! (01/08/03)

Lets get it on boys and girls!Its about time us brummies sorted ourselves out a Birmingham Indymedia site really, so join the mailing list by going to this page and entering your email address. Lets talk about making this thing happen..
officer friendly

Officer Friendly? (04/07/03)

The lives and health of residents, workers and school children could be gravely threatened by the installation of a new TETRA radio communication mast on top of the Police Station in Kings Heath High St, Birmingham. Download a flyer and read more about how dodgy this thing may be.
good morning iraq

Good Morning Iraq! (28/05/03)

The conflict was declared over a few weeks ago, but to many it's only just begun.Water, food and medicines are still in short supply, and civil structures already decimated by 12 years of sanctions have taken a further battering. So its good to remind people even if its already starting to fade from consciousness
weapons of mass distraction

Weapon of Mass Distraction (16/01/03)

It seems that there's so much about Iraq on TV at the moment that people can feel like they're doing their bit simply by shaking their head in an agitated fashion at the basic banalities on show. It's important that we get up off our collective arses as this time it's *really* serious - a 'Clone of the Attacks' and while we're fiddling about in Iraq, some people break into our Nukes!.See a bigger version of the image or some photos
against dictators and big oil

Against Dictators and Big Oil (08/01/03)

As war looms in the gulf, once again the 'with us or against us' argument is being pushed. See how easy it is to demolish this concept by checking out Zmag.orgs' Iraq reports. If you fancy a bit of pulped tree instead you can't beat 'War on Iraq', which is a short and snappy interview with former UN inspector Scott Ritter - it takes apart the arguments for war one by one.See a bigger version of the image. There's also some Collateral Damage photos.
meat stickers - i'm a cow!

Meat stickers (11/10/02)

These are designed to be stuck on pre-packaged supermarket meat. Foody fun for all the family! Available in the corporate section
stuffit up the jubilee

Golden Juberlies (05/05/02)

T-shirts/posters/stickers - the choice is yours! Stuffit up the Jubilee!Available from the political section

General Stuffits

private finance intitiative


In the corporate section we have rants Nike, Mcdonalds and general multinational mayhem. Also featured is the PFI (Private Finance Initiative), the odd way of funding Public projects, where money is borrowed from private companies (not a bad idea), but it is then payed back many times over, in the form of a 30 year rent sting (bad idea). So far it appears that the projects get built on time (good idea) , but essential services are cut back so profit is maximised for shareholders (not a good idea).
vulture capital


Contains stencils poking fun at the Blair administration, some stickers about Globalisation for the June 18th 1999 demo in London, and some street graf by the Vulture Corp(TM). Vulture Corp tends to appear around election time, and its members think that voting may help with small matters but at the end of the day big business sets the agenda for decision making.
Consume more


Shoppings lots of fun, but there's a fine line between getting stuff which makes life easier, and life which makes getting stuff the priority. Overconsumption is getting to be a big problem, and there's always the issue of recuperation, the idea that rebellion will be commodified and sold back to the consumer, creating empty gestures, and alienation from everyday life.
obey choose one

War on Terror

"You're either with us or against us" - i don't think so. The world is messy enough without trying to create binary no hopers like that one. The USA certainly suffered during September 11th, but the previous Bush administration also caused its fair share during the Gulf War, and its funding of Israel. Funnily enough, these two issues are the main greviances quoted by Islamic Fundamentalists, along with US troops presence in Saudi Arabia. Extremism thrives in extreme conditions, and it is in everyones long term security interests to ensure that fundamentalists like Bin Laden can't be the only alternative to corrupt Western Backed goverments. If fair trade replaced IMF/World bank 'structural adjustment' programmes, which at the moment seem to be making life harder, enabling fundamentalists to win hearts and minds by offering basic services to the poor.

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