Night walk - Severn Beach > Bristol

Severn Beach is accessable by train. 1.80 GBP from Stapleton Road.

It helps if there is a large storm as you journey into and past Avonmouth.
Watch out for large gangs of cows or horses.
Look out for ditches. I saw one oil pipeline


ST54008580 Severn Bridge, Fire by youths, Sorrell
ST54408550 Concrete brutalist exhibition centre
ST54508550 Speak with a low voice
ST55108420 Railway tunnel, cross motorway and move quietly along bank
ST56-57 82-83 Oil Pipeline
ST56308290 Stream jump
ST57307880 Hitchhike

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visitor centre (1632x1232 1.110u) Visitor centre (1632x1232 1.110u).