Dundry excursion

Dundry is accessable via bus: 672/674, 2.45GBP return.
It is high up on the outskirts of bristol, with good views of the area.
There is a hillfort to rest in high up looking out over chew magna reservior and Stanton Drew stone circle.

Be careful , the last bus is *not* at 19:12 , except on Fridays.

There are many springs, although they are probably nor safe.


ST56206620 Mast
ST57106560 Tree
ST58006590 Bridge
ST58006390 Sty

Image catalog.

bridge (450x324 0.100u) Bridge (450x324 0.100u).

busticket (400x148 0.040u) Busticket (400x148 0.040u).

mast01 (400x302 0.090u) Mast01 (400x302 0.090u).

mast02 (302x400 0.070u) Mast02 (302x400 0.070u).

sty (400x302 0.080u) Sty (400x302 0.080u).

tree01 (400x302 0.080u) Tree01 (400x302 0.080u).

tree02 (400x293 0.080u) Tree02 (400x293 0.080u).