Blaise excursion

Blaise is accessable via bus: 3.50GBP day return.
It is an old estate/manor, and there are rambling walks in a nearby forest
There is a cave, and a house built out of wood called 'Witch House', as well as golf facilities nearby.

I didn't see any pipelines


ST53107620 Notebook Supplies
ST56057830 Cave
ST56307830 Mushroom
ST56407820 Witch House
ST55957790 Poster on Hill
ST55807780 Poster on tree, either Penny Well or Lilly Pond
ST55207730 Place to shit
ST56707750 Bus home
ST61307500 Poster on Bus stop

Image catalog.

cave (1632x1232 1.170u) Cave (1632x1232 1.170u).

mushroom (1632x1232 1.190u) Mushroom (1632x1232 1.190u).

poster bus (1632x1232 1.070u) Poster bus (1632x1232 1.070u).

poster hill (1632x1232 1.200u) Poster hill (1632x1232 1.200u).

poster pond (1632x1232 1.160u) Poster pond (1632x1232 1.160u).

witch (1632x1232 1.180u) Witch (1632x1232 1.180u).