Avonmouth excursion

Avonmouth is accessable via bus: Number 41 3.50GBP day return.
It is a very strange place, full of wierd noises and smells
There are oil refinieries, coal depots, military bases and much more to discover

I saw several pipelines


ST Bond Street, Free bus
ST54607720 Water facility
ST51657820 Electricity feature
ST51807890 Food source
ST51807950 St Andrews train station
ST52108050 Disused trainline
ST54208010 Peak oil is coming
ST54507990 GPSS Pipeline marker
ST55107990 Gas pipeline, Peak oil is coming
ST55707960 Gas, Hallen , Base
ST55907910 Food source, Gas

Image catalog.

avonmouth esso (537x359 0.100u) Avonmouth esso (537x359 0.100u).

avonmouth (1632x1232 1.130u) Avonmouth (1632x1232 1.130u).

chalk (1632x1232 1.180u) Chalk (1632x1232 1.180u).

coal (1632x1232 1.070u) Coal (1632x1232 1.070u).

disused railway (1632x1232 1.140u) Disused railway (1632x1232 1.140u).

electricity (1632x1232 1.070u) Electricity (1632x1232 1.070u).

food source (1632x1232 1.190u) Food source (1632x1232 1.190u).

garlic mustard (1632x1232 1.370u) Garlic mustard (1632x1232 1.370u).

gas (1632x1232 1.330u) Gas (1632x1232 1.330u).

gpss marker (1232x1632 1.140u) Gpss marker (1232x1632 1.140u).

gpss oil pipeline (1632x1232 1.180u) Gpss oil pipeline (1632x1232 1.180u).

hallen gas base (1632x1232 1.080u) Hallen gas base (1632x1232 1.080u).

peak oil is coming (1632x1232 1.180u) Peak oil is coming (1632x1232 1.180u).

refinery (1632x1232 1.260u) Refinery (1632x1232 1.260u).

st andrews coal (1632x1232 1.170u) St andrews coal (1632x1232 1.170u).

water gas  (1632x1232 1.220u) Water gas (1632x1232 1.220u).