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Peak oil is contested and verified/denied by many differing idealogical groups, from anti-civilisationalist to techno-freemarketers and beyond. Below are links to a variety of these arguments:
  • Peak Oil and National Security: A Critique of Energy Alternatives by George Caffentzis
  • Eco-collapse and permaculture
  • The Energy Crisis - Ivan Illich
  • Anarcho-Syndicalism, Technology and Ecology by Graham Purchase
  • Revolutionary ecology
  • Civilisation is not the problem 01 - Andrew Flood
  • Civilisation is not the problem 02 - Libcom
  • Or maybe it is 01 - Bob Black
  • Or maybe it is 02 - The original affluent society?
  • Derrick Jensen- MP3
  • On a more US style survivalist collapse aiihhgh tip (tho not right wing) it is worth checking out:

    • In the Wake - A Collective Manual-in-progress for Outliving Civilization. This is actually a fantastic resource brimming with ideas, analysis and links on all post-oil.
    • Dry Dipstick - More a set of links but worth visiting

    Peak Oil Haiku

    I wonder what will happen
    When peak oil occurs
    Will there be revolution?

    Will an energy crisis
    Mean society
    Becomes ecological?

    Hubberts Peak, a wiggly line
    Does it mean an end
    To power relationships?

    Capitalism, is it
    Limited without
    Abundant cheap fuel like oil?

    You can't fly planes mend roads
    With renewables
    This means we need to rethink

    Bit like when the seasons change
    A different world
    Is likely when peak oil comes

    Conflict between scared people
    Fun by the river
    Peak Oil could mean they happen

    Good communication skills
    Are likely to be needed
    When peak oil occurs

    Severnside Siren audio file