10000 = nettles356177175368Foodpick some nettles, keep them for later5
10001 = Lime trees356818174910FoodPlenty of limes flowers to collect5
10002 = red dead nettle356897175199Fooduseful for salad and for medicine. collect and brew5
10003 = rock shelter354480176550FoodA decent overhang to shelter under20
10004 = Wills hall356539175935FoodCollect crab apples for jam 10
10005 = chickweed357093175382Foodfind the plant store it, boil for a minute then eat6
10006 = Sea mills spring354430176635Food2 small springs near the rock shelter. Collect the water , may need to be boiled, refer to manual10
10007 = Cave355877174399ShelterCobweb cave - explore and tunnel15
10008 = wild onion354760176210FoodHarvest and cook5
10009 = Camp355598174501ShelterFind a good site for camp20
10010 = Caves356400174100FoodFind and explore the caves20
10011 = Climbing and refreshments356270174501FoodAvon gorge new quarry (follow the gully down from the downs) is the location for some ferally traded drinks and snacks. Also a good spot to boulder10
10012 = allotments363818176789Foodask for vegetables15
10013 = Cherry Tree357901176684FoodFind and collect the cherries10
10014 = Cherry Tree363470176628Foodclimb and pick cherry10
10015 = weed and climb363439176775Foodindustrial bit, lots of chickweed, nettles. Fence climb may lead to something10
10016 = a skip363435176362Sheltermay contain materials of use5
10017 = Spring water363661176900WaterCollect water to decontaminate. Go through the tunnel to qualify for the points20
10018 = River Frome362999176701WaterCollect samples from the fast flowing sections of the Frome. Will need decontaminating tho.20
10019 = Alleyway363399176235FoodWhite dead nettle, plantain and borage for the first aid kit here. Also some fennel for those teething troubles10
10020 = Mallow363400175903FoodCollect for soups5
10021 = Cemetery363199176001FoodForage for garlic mustard, wild strawberries and coltsfoot for any oil related coughs5
10022 = Bristol to Bath cycle path363299175535FoodAll along this path is likely to be foraging opportunities. 5
10023 = Snuff Mills362499176600FoodSnuff Mills contains some last minute wild garlic for some soups5
10024 = Royate Hill Nature Reserve361699174980FoodGood views from this viaduct, some herbs also. Collect and relax.10
10025 = Mike Feingold361801174900FoodMike Feingold, Bristols permaculture dude will be providing a short tour of his wonderful forest garden, times tbc. Turn up at the alloted time to gather some edible perennials to spread about elsewhere and some tasty comfrey packoras.20
10026 = Troopers HIll Nature Reserve361801173201FoodIt's been said there's St johns Wort here, and also some early green walnut 10
10027 = wasteground361350174150FoodMallow and maybe lots more. Climbing may be necessary10
10028 = St johns wort360984174000FoodThere is some st johns wort near the Chelsea pub. Collect some leaves and flowers to dry for tea to help deal with uncomfortable changes10
10029 = Cherry Tree360899174530FoodAccessable from an alleyway near sweetmart, this tree may need climbing skills20
10030 = tea and soup360650174560FoodPick flowers for tea, plus some garlic mustard for soups10
10031 = Ramson 359899174953FoodThere is wild garlic and Pear trees. Collect leaves for soup and salad5
10032 = Tunnels359935174987WaterThere is a tunnel to explore. It is a water source but will need to be decontaminated15
10033 = Herbs359772174880FoodA variety of herbs including mint for tea, and valerian for relaxation. Collect leaves.10
10034 = Community gardens360051175015FoodIf you ask nicely you might be able to dig up some horseradish root. Also some herbs and cherries10
10035 = Cherry Tree360450174600FoodCollect cherries for jam. Might be a bit polluted here10
10036 = Mallow climb359870173000FoodMallow and horseradish accessable with fence climb. 10
10037 = Propoganda359911172912FoodA good wall for chalking some peak oil propoganda25
10038 = Lime fence359881172800FoodThere is a patch of green around here that may need to be climbed into. Collect lime tree leaves/flowers. Also elderflowers for cordial10
10039 = poppy climbing359657172124FoodThere is a bit of fenced wasteground containing poppies and other foraging opportunities. If is is not open it may be accessable from back of York road petrol station20
10040 = Crab apple 359447172054FoodCollect crab apples for jam and elderflowers for cordial. May be polluted10
10041 = blackberry rail balance359464172000FoodThere might be some berries ready here. There is a rail to walk along.3 points per section.3-30
10042 = Propoganda359464171928CommunicationGood structures supporting billboards for chalking20
10043 = Tea and nuts359230171697FoodCollect rosebay willowherb leaves for teas and salads, and roots for stew. Collect some green walnuts ready to pickle 15
10044 = Herbs359243171460FoodPlenty here to collect, mint,st johns wort and maybe some chomomile. Also a sprig of rosemary for dinner.10
10045 = monks spring360034171891Watertunnel and collect water25
10046 = lime and cherry356900173700Foodclifton college has lime and cherry trees. Collect fruits and flowers for jam and tea10
10047 = Ferry crossing356100174450FoodThis is the meeting point to cross over on sunday morning by canoe, courtesy of heath bunting15
10048 = Ramson view354900175300FoodGood spot to take a look, also there may be some wild garlic for salads5
10049 = Spring water354902174800FoodPast the pond and before the main path locate the spring water. Will need decontaminating 15
10050 = Rock shelters354850175250FoodSomewhere to shelter from the rain. Sleep there for full reward25
10051 = Spring356380174050WaterThere is a spring somewhere areound here - locate and collect. May need decontaminating15