Carbon Analysis Footprint Matrix


What has caused Climate Change?
Government which creates a society based on greed not need
Humanity as a whole
Capital - the policies of State combined with the strategies of big business, designed to maintain profit
Overconsumption and too much economic growth
Overpopulation, technological development, agriculture - basically Civilisation
Heirachies within the social relations of capitalism are the root cause. They make us alientaed from what we produce, from each other and ultimately from the planet.
Government which hinder the development innovative solutions

Who has most responsibility for Climate Change?
All of us together bear responsibility
As citizens and consumers we have responsibility for the results of our purchasing decisions
The State determines economic conditions and policy so it is responsible
There are too many people on the planet. They are like a cancer that is devouring everything in its path
As consumers we have a limited but measurable responsibility. The forces of Capital have far greater responsibility because as individual we have limited powers over how policies are decided
Whilst government regulations impede private enterprise there can be no real change
As individuals we have no power other than what we consume. Society reflects the interests of the forces that control it.,We haven't decided how the money markets are set up, how the energy companies are to be run. We didn't design products to fail, or develop systems of media to advertise them on

What are the solutions to Climate Change?
By buying green products, carbon offsetting and investing in ethical companies individuals can drive positive change in society.If necessary government regulation can help enforce green energy taxes to help drive down the use of polluting industries
Collective social change of how we live and work, so things can be produced for social need not overproduced for private profit is the most effective response to climate change.Until then we won't modify our behaviour.
Market forces will enable adaption and develop new products and industries that are both sustainable and profitable
Only changes at the point of production are effective solutions - when workers can self organise then they can produce for need not profit. Anything else is meaningless.
Reducing individual consumption makes moral sense whilst organising for deeper social changes
After the coming crash we can become hunters and gatherers again , with a drastically reduced population we will again be able to tread lightly on the planet

How can the solutions to Climate Change be implimented?
By the market sending price signals, individual consumers will be able to purchase clean technologies. This process will regulate itself
Only by promoting greater ecological awareness and strong government regulation can we fight climate change
If we all change together our lifestyles then the threat of climate change can be averted
By placing limits on population growth and on 3rd world development can we ease the strain on the planets resources
The solution must first involve workers taking control of the state.
There are a multitude of ways available including grassroots action, organising and acting collectively, without politicians and leaders, and taking direct action. By opposing energy taxes which unjustly affect the poor and other behaviour modification schemes we can link up these complex issues and effect real change
Climate Change is real but also a red herring. By creating a fair and just society, by removing heirachies and reordering social relations we can create the conditions for a sustainable society
The solutions is to hasten the crash to bring on the changes that the earth is crying out for

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