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Argentina sin Alambres: New enclosures, open alternatives

Book about the new enclosures in Argentina

A book made while in Argentina, a DIY fanzine photocopy scribble fest.

Featuring : Petroleum, Linux, Mapuche vs Benetton, Transgenica and GM superweeds, Recontextualisations of 400 year old illustrations by Guaman Poma de Ayala, Book reviews, The DIY Cube Cola recipe and Coca Colanisation, and a history of Argentinan social movement's search for autonomy featuring text by Marina Sitrin (plus a free poster and stencil). By the way "sin Alambras" means "without fences".

Ordering info:

Available for free download here. If you want a beautiful handphotocopied version, with special brown parcel wrapping paper cover, sent from South America, email stuffit at riseup dot net. Prices depend on on location and strength of currency. But sent to UK for example it will be about 6 pounds inc postage.

Peak Oil - A User's Guide

peak oil user's guide cover A book of two parts exploring the messier aspects of Peak Oil in an attempt to get beyond the simplistic utopias and hells of much contemporary analysis.

Part one of 'Peak Oil: A User's Guide' incorporates a survival manual and documentation from 'The Peak Oil Olympics', an event that took place in July 2006 in Bristol UK which enacted a rapid collapse scenario, using fun and collective survivalist games.

Part two includes a beginners' guide to the geology and implications of Peak Oil, with texts analysing Peak Oil from a more critical angle. Essays by George Caffentzis and Iain Boal provide a systematic analysis of what Peak Oil might mean, exploring the histories of scarcity, energy and power within capitalism.

Ordering info:

Available for 4 pounds (ish) + sending costs from Mute or Eco-logic books or Amazon or email stuffit at riseup dot net

Otherwise download it : Contents (55MB) | Cover (15MB)

Also available from the Book Xchanges at Hostel Danicar,Ohiggins 707 Puerto Natales, Chile and Hotel Alegria, Lima 168, Nasca, Peru :

available from chile available from peru